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There is currently no conclusive screening for herpes, which is a virus that can spread from one person to the other even when there are no symptoms. Doctors take culture of blisters or tissue scraping for laboratory examination. However, a negative result will not necessarily rule out herpes as the cause of genital ulcerations. You can also find out if you have herpes through a blood test which indicated the existence of a past infection.

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There are some blood tests that will help differentiate between the herpes simplex virus 1 and herpes simplex virus 2. Herpes simplex virus 1 is known to cause oral herpes and herpes simplex virus 2 is known to cause genital herpes. Type 1 is the one responsible for cold sores but has been reported to cause genital sores. Type 2 is responsible for genital sores. Herpes is in the category of the incurable STDs since there is no cure yet.Get latest information about herpes and STD symptoms and treatments at Know My Status - STD Testing and Information guide. However, there are many treatment options that help alleviate thesymptoms that might make life uncomfortable. Since herpes can spread even when there are no symptoms, it is important to get tested especially when you are getting into a new sexual relationship.

Sometimes getting tested is a daunting task because you might feel embarrassed. Most people avoid getting tested because they will have to visit a clinic and go through the process. This is why using an at home std test for herpes is a good idea. With this test, you will not have to deal with the stigma or embarrassment. You will collect samples from the privacy of your home and send to a lad. The results will be sent via email to make sure they remain confidential. If you suspect you have been exposed to herpes or just want to know your status, this might be a great way to know your status.